Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part V )

In this part, we will get more ideas about habits, the way we act which will bring wealth into our life based on Warren’s wisdom. Discipline – is the key to success in the investment game – just as it is a key to success in much of life. “If you let yourself be undisciplinedContinue reading “Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part V )”

Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part III )

I am continuing with Warren Buffett’s wisdom. In this part, most of them are related to finding opportunities, lessons to be learned. Becoming brilliant – For it is easy to become brilliant at what you do when you stand on the shoulders of a giant – the trick is picking the right giant. “With enoughContinue reading “Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part III )”

Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part II )

I would like to continue with Warren Buffett’s wisdoms in this part II. Most of them are talking about the business in this part. Anything that can’t go on forever will end – Most businesses that are doing well now will, at some point, do poorly. Things change – it is only a matter ofContinue reading “Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part II )”

Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part I )

These quoted from Warren Buffett’s wisdom about life, business and investment. I found them so interesting and learn so much from it. I hope you are too! Never lose money – the great secret to getting rich is getting your money to compound for you. The larger the amount of money you lose, the greaterContinue reading “Warren Buffett’s Tao ( Part I )”

The Life You Designed

Difficulties make us become mature. Failures makes us awake. Don’t leave your-self if there is no one besides you during time you need. The longer we live, the less time we have. Time is more valuable. Just letting it go. Go through to every life events naturally. Be brave to receive any results. No matterContinue reading “The Life You Designed”

The Job or Itself

Haven’t you been confused to answer the question from others about “what are you doing?”, “What is your job?” I was confused about that question. My friend texted me asked “so now what are you doing?” I frustrated. I was not sure and don’t know how to reply with that question. I had to takeContinue reading “The Job or Itself”

Story of Life

While we are living, we keep learning. I’ve learned many good things and bad things in life. Things that you cannot forget but it’s good though. It’s good to remember some memories that remind you to do or not to do it again. I was bring up in a family with hard-working, savings and statusContinue reading “Story of Life”

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