The Job or Itself

Haven’t you been confused to answer the question from others about “what are you doing?”, “What is your job?” I was confused about that question. My friend texted me asked “so now what are you doing?” I frustrated. I was not sure and don’t know how to reply with that question. I had to takeContinue reading “The Job or Itself”

Being Success

What made us success? I was looking for it. I read about it. I worked on it. I went forward it. Unfortunately, I always gave up in the middle of the road. Is it bad? Yes, I am bad. I am not discipline. I am not patient. I am not consistent. I am not commitmentContinue reading “Being Success”

Story of Life

While we are living, we keep learning. I’ve learned many good things and bad things in life. Things that you cannot forget but it’s good though. It’s good to remember some memories that remind you to do or not to do it again. I was bring up in a family with hard-working, savings and statusContinue reading “Story of Life”

Let it go!!!

When things do not belong to you anymore, let them go. When we can’t understand each other anymore, when we can’t work each other any further, we can’t get along each other any, when that relationship doesn’t has any meaningful in life anymore, let them go. Today we chose the brighter future with a lovingContinue reading “Let it go!!!”

Mental Toughness ( Part IV )

These quoted from “On Mental Toughness” by Harvard Business Review. Rebounding from Career Setbacks Step 1: Figuring out why you lost High achievers usually take too much credit for their success and assign too much external blame for their failures. It’s a type of attribution bias that protect self-esteem but also prevents learning and growth.Continue reading “Mental Toughness ( Part IV )”

Mental Toughness ( Part II )

There were an some ideas noted in the first part. I would like to continue with this chapter regarding on mental toughness. These are quoted from “On Mental Toughness” by Harvard Business Review. Crucibles of Leadership What enables one leader to inspire confidence, loyalty, and hard work, while others-with equal vision and intelligence-stumble? How individualsContinue reading “Mental Toughness ( Part II )”


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