Being Success

What made us success? I was looking for it. I read about it. I worked on it. I went forward it. Unfortunately, I always gave up in the middle of the road. Is it bad? Yes, I am bad. I am not discipline. I am not patient. I am not consistent. I am not commitment with things I was setout. But wait! I realized that’s because I put the unrealistic goals to achieve it and I looked back to blame myself about things that I haven’t done and being stress about it. Is it possible?

The first rule of a happy life is low expectations. That’s one you can easily arrange. And if you have unrealistic expectations, you’re going to be miserable all your life.

– Charlie Munger.

I found it’s true. As I thought I need to set a very high goal so at least I can achieve not that high but still higher than whatever I can achieve. Like many talks about “think big”. I found the “think big” idea makes me more pressure and stressful. What I want that I can live and enjoy things or events every moments on the journey to success.

I restart my goals, my thoughts, my actions, my life… whatever to be a new ME who is going to be myself. I want to be true-self. I also realized that all our achievements result from all our small daily habits. No matter what I just need to live mindfulness, to live my true-life, to build up good habits, to learn how to make a right decision, to go out and help more people. No more big goals, think big. Only doing a right thing every daily living and a good thing will come!!

All the best to everyone!

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