Let it go!!!

When things do not belong to you anymore, let them go. When we can’t understand each other anymore, when we can’t work each other any further, we can’t get along each other any, when that relationship doesn’t has any meaningful in life anymore, let them go.

Today we chose the brighter future with a loving heart. Life is simple. We don’t need to try so hard to hold on an unmeaningful relationships, uncomfortable moments, sufferings which make us feel bad. Today we learn to put things down and to let them go.

Nothing exists forever. Happiness is not forever but also suffering is not there forever. Everything changes. When we chase things which are not meaningful to us, which are uninterested to us, which make our life miserable, … don’t hesitate to let them go. Let them go to have a better life, a better goal, a better future.

Don’t regret to look back. Our heart and our mind are sometimes not going in the same way. So we need to be stronger to overcome it. Be brave! When we think it through, we realize that is not thing we want or it’s not necessary to contribute into our life. Live the life simplicity. We will not be happier when we have more things or achieve more. We are happy as we appreciate with what we already have. Life is not fair or perfect as we dream about but life is better when we love what we have and appreciate it.

There was a story about the Buddhist thinking by Thich Nhat Hanh “One day, there was a farmer came by the Buddha and asked “Monks, have you seen my cows?” The Buddha said “Sir, we have not seen your cows.” After the farmer went off, the Buddha turned to his Sangha and said “Dear friends, do you know you are the happiest people on Earth? You have no cows to lose.”

Lots of love!!

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