The way we think

We don’t have a choice to decide who are my parents or where we born from. But we have a choice to decide what we think. What we are different between us, that’s the way we think.

“We control our life or life controls us”.

It’s hard to live without obstacles in life. Someone will give up and leave but some will look at himself, think and analyze how to overcome it and how to do it. Be braver and Be stronger. From that way of thought, he overcomes every obstacles and keep following his goals to where he becomes.

Like two people want to be a millionaire. When they reached the first million of dollars, their business went bankrupt. There is an investor come and let them know to fund $100,000 for each of them if they want to restart their business. One of them will think “there is only $100,000. What can I do with it? It’s such a small amount compared to what I had.” But another man thinks “Finally, I can have money to re-start my business. I learnt lessons from my previous mistakes and build it better this time.”

What you think, you become.

We will become who we want to be or we will be controlled by others. When we face to every situation with a positive mindset, be patient with what we are doing. Be brave to fix it when we made mistakes. As a result, we will look at life with another view where everything becomes possible for us. I know we can’t change every events happen on the way in our life but at least we can control what’s we think – which is inside us.

It reminds me to these words “There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life except for the limits you accept in your own mind” – Brian Tracy.

One thought on “The way we think

  1. I agree, what we think is extremely important. After all our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our habits and our habits become our lives.


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