No Excuses

Excuse is the root of failure. We delay all of our plans, our works because of many reasons that we think we shouldn’t do it now. Another type of excuses is when we are doing something, we give the thought to our mind that we are going to work hard or do it hard today so we can have a better future tomorrow. What I can feel is that the happiness is not something in the end of the road or the good result going to achieve but the happiness is on the way to there.

As we think much about the result or the future. That makes us getting tired with life, with the works and any related while we are living. What you are doing is being YOU. There are many works we do that’s not because the expectations of the better future but because we are patient. Patience gives us the best result.

Before I started doing any project, any work. I always set a goal and a plan belong to it. And I believe many of us are doing the same. However, we are setting many goals but to achieve them are less than what we are expected. Basically we are not doing anything with it and of course there are many reasons that we are excused for what we are not doing it e.g. I am so busy, I have a ton of projects need to finish soon, I have to take care kids, there are many things more important need to be done now and right now. So we don’t have time to follow what we had planed before.

What I learnt? I found I haven’t totally focused on what should be done as planned. I didn’t try. I didn’t make an effort for it. What I am doing, my life will be so. I am excused as I am lazy and I shouldn’t follow my road to there where I want my life to be if I keep making excuses.

Excuses make our life harder, delay our projects, and also direct our life to the way we don’t want myself to be. Our life is probably short or long. Face it and be brave. Overcome the excuses. Learning from our mistakes. Making a difference. We have responsibility with our life. Live truthfully and more deeply. Mindfulness in every action. Our life will change from here.

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